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Testimonials from our Temps

"Looking for a job always means stress, but the professionals from gap personnel helped me to find a job in a few days. Payslips without delay and help at every step. They are incredible!"
Lucasz Przyjemski

"I registered with gap personnel and in only 3 days they found me work, I have been at the same job now for 2 years. I have enjoyed my experience of working through gap personnel and having this opportunity has enabled me to improve my language skills."
Martin Wojcieszek

"Since I started working for gap personnel they have provided me with regular work and I have found that if I have any queries or problems the branch team and the representatives on site are always there to offer support and advice."
Monika Sildatke

"I've found myself needing to earn more money and the friendly staff at gap personnel have helped me through the rough times. They never miss a payment and try to put as much work your way as possible if you are willing to work hard."
Renato Carvalho

"gap personnel have been really proactive in finding me work suited to my skills and personality. The branch team have been really supportive and has taken a lot of time marketing me out to suitable companies. I've really enjoyed the assignment they have placed me in."
Fiona Barns

"I am a student and I have a young daughter. gap personnel has always been very approachable and I can work around my schedule with my studies. I couldn't have studied if it wasn't for gap personnel's flexible hours."
Braulio Melendez

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